With our own in-house contact lens lab, access to over 60 different contact lens manufactures, and over 40 years of experience between our Contact Lens Specialists, we custom fit all types of contact lenses including disposable, soft astigmatic, rigid gas permeable, and bifocal.  Lenses can also be manufactured specifically for patients to accommodate certain eye conditions such as Keratoconus.

All patients fitted with contacts by one of our specialists are covered under Price Optical’s Guaranteed Fit Program. This program allows you to trial different contacts until we find the best possible fit for you.  You try a pair of lenses for 1-2 weeks, come in for a follow-up appointment, and give the Specialists feedback on those lenses.  If you like them, great.  If not, no problem; we will custom fit you with different lenses, and have you try them out as well.  This process will continue until you are completely satisfied with the contact lenses you have been fit with, and everything is covered under a one-time fitting fee.

Free consultations are also available so that you may learn more about contacts and what lenses our Specialists would recommend for you.

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